Way to our collaboration with Breakthrough Listen and their international colleagues, we can soon be capable to access data recorded on the Parkes Radio Telescope in Australia. For the primary time, this may give us full-sky coverage, including the southern hemisphere, in our seek for ET. However, because of the enormous amount of information that the 13-beam receiver at Parkes can generate, we will be able to require extra hardware to store and distribute it. We’d like your help to buy this.

Way to some special offers, one from the Hanson family in memory of Robert W. & Mary P. Hanson, one from Richard Haselgrove in memory of his mother, Jenifer Leech, and one from Mr. Kevvy, we have now the likelihood to compare donations in order to let us purchase the Parkes Data store server (~$34K) and the GPU development systems (~$10K) we can need for the approaching year. For each dollar you donate on this special fund raiser, Mr. Kevvy will match it, the Hanson Family will match it with two, and Richard Haselgrove will match it with two more. That means for each dollar you donate we’ll get six dollars towards the acquisition of those servers!

Because this can be a special fundraiser we’ll have special notation to your account page and at the forums. The 12TB disk drives within the Parkes Data Store cost $450. One sixth of that may be $75. So, a donation of $75 or more gets you a disk drive icon. The GPUs within the GPU development machine that we’ll be using for our recording systems at future telescopes are $1500 each, so a donation of $250 or more gets you a GPU icon. And as always, any donation of $10 or more gets you a green star.

But within the end, it is not in regards to the icons: it’s about getting the information and creating a discovery for the ages. Your help, whether by crunching data or by donating, is often appreciated.

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[Source: SETI@home: News]

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