Cosmic Diary by Lori Fenton: Mars corduory

ESP 051244 1315 1.0x
A Piece of Mars: The wind on Mars loves to make textiles (unfortunately the term geotextiles is already taken for other purposes). This 1×0.6 km (0.62×0.37 mi) scene shows two different sets of ripples. The bigger set has straight to wavy crests, and they’re ~18 m (~59 ft) apart, that is pretty big for ripples (really they’re TARs). Inbetween those (click the image so that you can see them) are small ~2 m (~6.5 ft) ripples that make Mars appear to be it’s fabricated from kahki corduroy (that is something but it’s not on trend, so Mars could stand to catch up a little bit.) What does this all add as much as? There are a minimum of two different sets of wind directions, and every probably formed by itself timescale. If we learn to decipher these, then shall we better understand weather patterns on Mars, because ripples like these are pretty common there. (HiRISE ESP 051244 1315, NASA/JPL/Univ. of Arizona)

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