Cosmic Diary Marchis: Its Official! The eVscope from Unistellar Gets Kickstarted

Marseille, France & San Francisco, CA October 25, 2017

Imagine having the ability to see galaxies, nebulae, and asteroids and discovering the sky out of your own backyard while participating in scientific investigations. Unistellar has launched a Kickstarter campaign for its eVscope, an impressive telescope that allows you to give the sky back to all of us.

The Unistellar eVscope was first presented on the CES in 2017 and recently won the Innovation Award within the Tech For a greater World product category for the CES 2018.

During the summer 2017, the Unistellar team has shown the telescope capabilities to thousands of individuals in Europe and within the United states of america. It has since received astonishing reviews and comments.

The Unistellar team has worked for two years to perfect their idea, building and testing several prototypes to finally create a compact, intelligent and robust telescope that may be carried everywhere and that is easy to use.

Using its Enhanced Vision Technology, the eVscope accumulates light, and will reach the sunshine gathering power of telescopes ten times larger in diameter, so that you can finally see colorful nebulae, galaxies millions of sunshine years away, and faraway planets, objects which might be too faint to be clearly seen through conventional telescopes even large.

Thanks to its sensors, GPS and its internal map of millions of stars, the eVscope can pinpoint and identify any object within the sky, making astronomy easy and informative.

Finally, in partnership with the SETI Institute, the user can contribute to live observation campaigns of astronomical events of special interest to scientists, who, themselves proved to be desperate to gain access to an unprecedented amount of knowledge from thousands of eVscopes. Users will thus have the danger to look live transient events like Supernovae and Near Earth Asteroids through their eVscope, the entire while actively contributing to leading edge science.

The eVscopes can be found now for pre-order onKickstarterfor the early bird price of $1299.
During the Kickstarter campaign (Oct 25 to Nov 23) the eVscope prototype may be showcased at several upcoming star parties and events within the USA and Europe.

Comets, extra-galactic supernovae, fast near-Earth asteroids, and far more they are in the market every night, just above you within the sky, and theyre inviting you to take a look. Take them up on that invitation and your life isn’t the same.

Join us and transform Astronomy forever!

About Unistellar
Unistellar is reinventing popular astronomy during the development of the improved Vision Telescope: a wise combination of optics, electronics, and proprietary image-processing technology that aims to make astronomy interactive. Unistellar is totally devoted to its popular ambition, but its technology has already garnered attention from established institutions like ONERA (the French aerospace agency) and Drone Imaging.

For additional info concerning the eVscope, visit:http://unistellaroptics.comor

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[Source: SETI Institute aggregator]

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