Eclipse ALERT from The Sol Alliance


Thank you for becoming a member of our burgeoning community. 

The Sol Alliance welcomes all with open arms!

In order to create the best possible event for all to enjoy we have altered our mission.

Originally our grand plan was to have individuals (“earthstronauts”) across the country capture their experience and broadcast it live to share with all on multiple users operated accessible channels within our site.  This proved to be a rather ambitious plan.  Aside from setting up on our end to receive and broadcast, the bandwidth needed would likely exceed our capabilities.  Further, training amateurs to achieve this would be difficult and likely take away from their eclipse experience.

We decided to leave this part to the pros.

Anticipating the enormous cell tower carrier traffic – we expect problems in communicating and viewing the event throughout the duration.

In addition to featuring NASA’s 4 LIVE FEEDS,  we will also provide and update a list of numerous live feeds for you to alternate your perspective or to switch should one shut down.

We still want your images and videos of the crowds, skies, shadows, or anything interesting you capture in the days and weeks following as we compile and disseminate throughout the galaxy.

By submitting your images you consent to allow for to share these images with all.

Special thanks to the Russians, Danes, and Gulf State cyber attackers who continually sought to hack solareclipselive and Larry Brunken for blunting their efforts.

We look forward to experiencing August 21st with you!


Pat Kelly & Audra Angelique Gandy

Sol Alliance Founders |

“Watch the solar eclipse with the latest technology available on earth”

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