Solar Eclipse Myths and Lore

Solar ECLIPSE MYTHS span time,

land and peoples

Solar Eclipse myths throughout time have mostly brought fear to people of all kinds.  This is not surprising given that eclipses most often came as a surprise to the masses.  Across the globe from the ancient Inca, Greek, Sub-Saharan, Babylonian, Chinese, to Pacific Islanders the learned in these societies had great successes in eclipse predictability.  Those in power used this knowledge in differing ways.  In most civilizations knowledge and spirituality were inseparable.  To that end, eclipses often reinforced the authority of these spiritual leaders.

Most Solar Eclipse myths involve animals eating the sun:

Maya– Snake,

Vietnamese– Frog,

Korean– Dog,

American Indian– Bear,

Viking– Wolves,


Frogs? Really?

Some Solar Eclipse myths involve gods:

Hindu– Demon Rahu disguises himself as a god in order to steal a taste of an elixir that grants immortality. The sun and moon see Rahu and report his crime to the god Vishnu. Vishnu slices off his head before the elixir can slide past his throat.

Navajo– Its nature’s law.  Pause to acknowledge that that time is special then reflect on the cosmic order.

Greek-The gods are angry, death and destruction awaits.

Other Solar Eclipse myths:

Batammaliba people in Togo and Benin– the sun and the moon are fighting during an eclipse,  the people encourage the sun and the moon to stop fighting.  They see it as a time of coming together and resolving old feuds and anger. Too bad the path of totality doesn’t pass through Washington D.C.!

India(parts of)- Food prepared before or during an eclipse becomes toxic.

Various locations-Crops and plant sewed during eclipse will fare worse, children and pregnant women’s fetuses can be harmed.  Experts deny both, but don’t be surprised if your pregnant and get a post-ecliptiliptic ping from a concerned relative or friend.  Might want to just tweet it out now.

ItalyOMG! a positive eclipse myth(and my fav)-Flowers planted during eclipse emerge brighter and more vibrant.  I think I shall plant some in The Rainmaker’s Garden.

Popular trending American Solar Eclipse myths:

Some Christians are positing that God is angry with America for losing Christian values.  Some say the eclipse is numerologically/biblically related Others speculate that aliens are coming to abduct or attack.

Interestingly enough it can even become a partisan event and its even been declared fake news!

“If there’s anything more important than my ego around, I want it caught and shot now.”

-Zaphod Beeblebrox


Brietbart-sorry I couldn’t resist

a little saner link

These folks are the bomb!-NASA EDGE

Please have a safe and Happy Fourth of July.

The Sol Alliance

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