The Great American Eclipse of 2017, 1918…and 1257???

The Great American Eclipse

Just Another eclipse, right? Why the Hype?





First Coast to Coast Solar Eclipse in 99 years.

This eclipseis actually being referred to commonly as “The Great American Eclipse”.  There is good reason for this, not solely to piss the French off.  It is arguably going to be the most viewed, definitely the most documented, and the first to cross the entire continental US in 99 years!

Great American Eclipse?…not the first.

The Eclipse of 1918, the real “Great American Eclipse”, is where Einstein literally kicked Newton’s ass.  If you’re an English prof that wants to kick my ass for the usage of “literally” come down off your high horse and try- Merriam Webster included way back in 2013 to actually also mean the opposite of its’ traditional definition.  Boom.

Eclipse brought to you by JIBJAB: Einstein vs. Newton

After toiling for a decade Einstein presented The General Theory of Relativity Einstein Online in 1915 which contradicted elements of Newton’s Theory of Gravity and the Eclipse of 1918 was the first smackdown. Subsequent eclipse viewings backed up these findings.

Alien Eclipse Invasion

Currently, many Americans fear the upcoming Eclipse is just a guise for an alien invasion.  If we assume that history repeats itself…they could be right.  Europeans were the world leaders in science for centuries but, in 1918, were otherwise occupied by The Great War, aside from that they were outside the path of totality.  Consequentially, the bespectacled masses had to cross the pond to team up with their cow-tipping American partners.Actually renowned scientists  The eclipse provided them with the first opportunity to observe stars during the day.  This afforded a rare opportunity to gauge the gravitational affect of the sun on bending beams of starlight.  This eclipse illuminated the scientific community after minutes of darkness.

Great American Eclipse- never happened before?

Granted it has been 99 years since a similar eclipse.  Just to blow your mind think 13th century, 200 years before Galileo’s birth to see the last eclipse where a bi-coastal path of totality touched no other country than the United States. It is quite safe to say that this has never happened before in our country’s history.  Don’t forget to check out our friends at NASA EDGE, these super geeks are rocking the event.  They even have a livestream station called Third Rock Radio(America’s Own Space Station). Third Rock Radio See you on the other side. – Sol Alliance


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