Brought to you by THE SOL ALLIANCE

Created for the purpose of bringing together the shared experiences and observations of people in the path of Totality for The Great American Eclipse of 2017 in order to provide a feature rich educational experience for all involved.

Never before has there been an opportunity for so many to use tools at their disposal to capture the activities across the country over the course of a few hours.

Our goal is to share our user live views along with NASA(et al.) livestreams with everyone across the globe, utilizing the latest observation technology available on Earth today.

We are sharing this with all participants in this great endeavor free of charge.

We have and will continue to partner with numerous entities in the private, scientific and educational communities, such as NASA Edge, Southern Illinois University and others creating a free exchange of information from knowledgable and passionate scientists and citizen science enthusiasts alike.


Message from Founders:

Audra Angelique Gandy:

We are LIVE!

Hello everyone, we here at Sol Alliance are so excited to bring you!

A few months ago this site was just a thought-an idea from the brain of my, now, partner in crime-Mr. Pat Kelly! As I was perusing the Craigslist part-time jobs and sales sections, as I often do either very late at night or super early in the morning, I came across his listing.  Pat had an idea to create a site that users could utilize to stream live feeds across America as they record their view point of the next TOTAL SOLAR ECLIPSE this August 21st, 2017! He just needed a developer to create it and I, being obsessed with NASA and space my entire life and a developer, found his listing at about 4am and waited to send a text at least until 6am!

He had already spoken to the gentlemen at NASA that created and produce NASA EDGE (your news on everything NASA!) about partnering with us in our endeavo(u)r. After speaking with the producer myself I learned that we will be bringing you LIVE FEEDS from NASA’s three main frequency telescopes (Calcium K, H-Alpha & White Light) as well as the live feed of these 3 telescope feeds together via monochrome red cam.

When the entire event is over, we will even have post produced film from NASA recorded in 5k!!! Our goal is to use this footage to create educational videos about NASA technology and even a VR (maybe even AVR) applications for everyone!

We can’t wait to evolve this project further as we create more and more features. If you want to get involved, email us or leave a comment!


Audra Angelique Gandy-Head Creative & Technological Developer

Sol Alliance/

Global Creative | USA /


Pat Kelly: truly came to me as a vision.  My last solar eclipse I was eight years old and although it was breathtaking, I did not realize what an astronomical event that it was.  That was 1979, thirty eight years later I will bear witness to another.  Not only do I reside in the path of totality and greatest duration but also the crossroads of the next solar eclipse seven years from now- Carbondale, IL.

One does not have to be a rocket scientist to understand the uniqueness of this opportunity.  The odds of residing in the path of two solar eclipses in one decade are lower than witnessing Halley’s Comet twice in a lifetime, getting a concussion from a falling coconut, witnessing an unassisted triple play in baseball, being struck by lightning, dying from snakebite or shark attack, winning the lottery, or being admitted to the Order of The Occult Hand.

I am not a scientist but like many others have grown appreciation of the magnitude of the upcoming “Great American Eclipse”.  This is not the first time that this moniker adorned an eclipse, but, it has been ninety-nine years since the last. In 1918 the eclipse attracted the wealth and scientists(usually mutually exclusive) from across the globe to observe many testing the new Theory of Relativity posited by Einstein three years prior.

This eclipse promises to be the most viewed and most thoroughly studied ever.  From earth, sky, and space observers will compile and share visual, personal, and scientific data that will last well beyond August 21, 2017.

Realizing I’m not a scientist and started with just a domain and an idea, I began a quest for a partner.  After reviewing hundreds of resumes and inquiries from around the world I found Audra Angelique.  With bubbly enthusiasm, a grinding work ethic, vastly superior website development and p.r. experience, together we formed The Sol Alliance…and it has grown.  Just what every little girl growing up dreaming of some day following in the footsteps of Sally Ride always had as plan B.

Please participate with us sharing your experience with the world.  We cannot fathom the number of ways the people can join with us in this truly altruistic project.  We are prepared to be blown away.

“…from here to the moon”-Ralph Kramden

Pat Kelly