We are LIVE!

We are LIVE!

Hello everyone, we here at Sol Alliance are so excited to bring you www.SolarEclipseLive.com!

A few months ago this site was just a thought-an idea from the brain of my, now, partner in crime-Mr. Pat Kelly! As I was perusing the craigslist part-time jobs and sales sections, as I often do either very late at night or super early in the morning, I came across his listing. Pat had an idea to create a site that users could utilize to stream live feeds across America as they record their view point of the next TOTAL SOLAR ECLIPSE this August 21st, 2017! He just needed a developer to create it and I, being obsessed with NASA and space my entire life and a developer, found his listing at about 4am and waited to send a text at least until 6am!

He had already spoken to the gentlemen at NASA that created and produce NASA EDGE (your news on everything NASA!) about partnering with us in our endeavo(u)r. After speaking with the producer myself I learned that we will be bringing you LIVE FEEDS from NASA's three main frequency telescopes (Calcium K, H-Alpha & White Light) as well as the live feed of these 3 telescope feeds together via monochrome red cam.

When the entire event is over, we will even have post produced film from NASA recorded in 5k!!! Our goal is to use this footage to create educational videos about NASA technology and even a VR (maybe even AVR) applications for everyone!

We can't wait to evolve this project further as we create more and more features. If you want to get involved, email us or leave a comment!


Audra Angelique Gandy-Head Creative & Technological Developer

Sol Alliance/ www.solareclipselive.com

Global Creative | USA / www.globalcreative.us


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