Speed, succubus, sol less and the solar eclipse in symmetry

solar eclipse-speed

Speed, sometimes suggesting something similar to stimulants is synonymous with sublimation in sub-Saharan Senegal.  Simultaneously, synchronatic supposed selections of  space-time specify certanties in solar circuities.  Sailing Southeast from the shores of Senegal some seven hundred and something some will see finality of totality of “The Great American Eclipse”.

Surya Graham shows selected citations of Sutak starting at 19:00:42 ending at sunset 19:25:57.

1.5 times the speed of sound.


Succubi stay silent in moon’s shadow

Succubus- are said to be sirens sexually seducing sleeping men for semen starting with Samael.  Stating so, seriously surreptitious of the surreal sounds suspiciously like synaptic surrendering of the Sol.  Shouldn’t start on solar eclipse.  Simply stated don’t sleep in solar eclipse.


So says the Shaman

Some shamans say stealing souls in the silhouetted sun is simply silly as souls can’t be stolen since they are free to slide through space and time.  Should a soul slide sideways and be separated from its skin a Shaman seeks and summons it home.


Cycles of the sun and moon are such that seven seasons or so, seventeen point six months, scientists say sixty eight this century from a sampling of saros cycles, a solar eclipse occurs somewhere on this sphere.  Since somewhat shy of 70% is submerged surface, many solar eclipses are seldom seen.

Sincerely- Sol Alliance

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