Dare to Tell The Bell? Taco Bell’s Feedback Survey

Taco Bell’s feedback program, Tell The Bell, received a lot of mixed reviews from users ever since its launch. With so much competition out there, people expected a little more than just the conventional features and questions in Taco Bell’s customer satisfaction survey. The name, however, caught the attention of most users, who claimed that it had a unique jingle to it and went well with the brand. Nevertheless, that was not quite enough to please its diehard, or even ordinary, fans.Taco Bell receipt

As it is, many users were having a hard time accepting the feedback program, and it being placed on Taco Bell’s receipts was not of much help either. The placement of the information on the feedback program is extremely questionable. Users rightly complained that they hardly ever take their receipts along with them, let alone take a look at it, so lots of them did not even notice its existence at first and who would blame them, no one looks at their receipts anymore.

Secondly, Taco Bell’s Survey has a QR code that adds a serious old-fashioned touch to the entire feedback program. Many users have wondered why Taco Bell has used such an obsolete method to connect, something they will probably never receive an answer for. Additionally, Taco Bell decided to further entertain its customers by making them enter a sixteen digit code, which takes enough time to make them not want to give Taco Bell feedback at all. What is more is that the code is not even accepted in the first try. Almost all users reported that they had to re-enter the code for the survey to finally begin.

Taco Bell Survey Code

Tell The Bell Survey starts off normally like a very general survey would by asking users about their experience upon visiting Taco Bell. What is really astonishing for users is that Taco Bell decided to have a sort of unclear, neutral option for this question as well, which is “Neither Satisfied nor Dissatisfied,” that is certain to play with a person’s mind and yet again debatable at Taco Bell’s end.

Tell The Bell Survey

On answering the first question of the feedback survey, users are only done with a mere 5% of the survey, which clearly shows how lengthy Taco Bell’s survey would be. At this point, most users probably close the survey and put their device back in its place while continuing to live their life peacefully. Conversely, the next question is pretty easy, so some users might actually continue, describing whether their order was a Dine-in, Drive-thru or a Carry-out, questioning its relevance.

Users suddenly progress to 21% of the feedback survey by answering a simple multiple choice question, which truly makes most of the users question the math used for the progress scale of Taco Bell’s feedback survey. This gives them hope as well that the feedback survey will perhaps be over soon.

Taco Bell feedback survey

This next question asks users about many different parts of their visit to Taco Bell and their order itself, with the generic responses that have “Highly Satisfied” on one end of the spectrum and “Highly Dissatisfied” on the other. It covers almost all aspects of an entire regular customer experience. However, Taco Bell seemed to have missed out on perhaps the most important and vital feature of any typical customer experience, the taste of their food, which puts a lot into perspective about Taco Bell’s priorities and concerns. Taco Bell claims to place particular emphasis on the quality of the food they deliver, but surprisingly forgot to ask about the taste of their food in what seems to be their own feedback survey.

Next question on Tell The Bell Survey quickly shifted to other aspects of a typical customer experience before even asking why a user was dissatisfied, to say the least, with some part of his or her involvement with Taco Bell, which they were previously asked about back in the feedback survey. Users raised a question as to whether Taco Bell was even really concerned about the less than average experience that some of the users had while their visit to Taco Bell, which actually should have been the focal point of this entire survey, in the first place.

TellTheBell.com Feedback Survey

That is not even the real kicker! Here is what is even more alarming about this entire survey. Some of the questions of the survey are not even accurately framed. For example, if a user responds with him or her being highly dissatisfied with the portion size of their food or with the appearance of their food, or even just forcibly chooses an answer to move on with the survey, or truly replies with the ingredients being “too greasy or too dry” or just for the sake of completing the survey, does Taco Bell not want to know what particularly was the problem with the ingredients of their food? Were they too greasy? Were they too dry? How will they figure out which one of the two was the issue with the customer? How Taco Bell analyses these feedback survey responses and comes to a conclusion is perhaps way beyond the thinking of an average human being.

The ingredients were too greasy or too dry

The sad part about the following question is that some of the respondents may all over again feel a slight difficulty to fill out the feedback survey at present because of the answer choices not accurately depicting their actual response or how they really feel. Because of the survey failing to provide relatable responses for the users, they are once more forced to choose a response at random to complete this never-ending feedback survey.

With this next question, Taco Bell is finally getting somewhere with the feedback survey and gives the respondents a sliver of hope, which quickly disappears with the appearance of the next question.

Tell The Bell Taco Bell

Users are probably wondering if they missed a question in between because when exactly did Taco Bell ask to describe their problem in the first place?

Taco Bell survey question

A few questions onwards, Taco Bell still has not addressed the actual issue of the customer but went ahead with asking more questions, even some painstakingly desperate ones, such as the one you can see on the right. The users can probably take their problem with Taco Bell’s service to practically nowhere because it does not seem like it will ever be asked for in this feedback survey. Moreover, 30 days? 30 days is too far ahead into the future for any normal person to actually predict what they would be doing then. At this present point, respondents have probably forgotten the actual purpose of this survey. Likewise, “Somewhat?” Is Taco Bell even interested in receiving definite answers is the real question here. With answering this question, users only progress 1%, again, leading to their bewilderment and questioning of their own Mathematical skills at this moment.

Taco Bell feedback survey question

At last! Users finally receive a space to speak their mind and explain how they feel! Such bad timing for this question because by now, users probably have a lot to say not just about Taco Bell’s service, but also their out of the world Feedback Program. Users actually have the option to skip this question, luckily for them or for Taco Bell. Unsurprisingly, many respondents will mostly choose to answer this question honestly and truthfully and, for the first time in this entire filling the feedback survey experience, find this feedback survey to be useful.

Tell The Bell Experience

Users reported that skipping the previous open-ended question leads to 77% completion of the feedback survey. Should they cry with confusion or jump with joy about almost finishing the feedback survey are just some thoughts that they are expressing at getting to know this fact.

The next questions seem like it might lead to follow-up questions if agreed to, which scares most users, but most of them make it through.

Taco Bell survey question visually full

At this stage of filling the feedback survey, Taco Bell finally gives its users relatable answers in addition to the option to choose more than one answer to this question. Somewhere along the lines, Tell The Bell Survey automatically got smarter and changed a few of its features for the sake of its users, who are probably sighing with relief.

Taco Bell Customer Satisfaction Survey

The concluding question of the survey appears to be a simple administrative form, seeking to gain some information, disappointing so many users at this instant, since Taco Bell’s feedback survey was just starting to get the questions right. The order of questions even seems pretty jumbled up, but obviously who would pay attention to that with all the happiness one would be feeling at completing this endless survey.

Taco Bell Sweepstakes Survey

Tell The Bell Sweepstakes Survey

The last step in this entire process is just to fill out some personal information in hopes to win $500. Taco Bell’s Personal Information form ended up having some charm in the sense that it did not ask to fill out lots of fields with heavy details or for the sixteen-digit code that users were supposed to enter at the beginning of the feedback survey. The form was short and precise. However, it still raised some questions, such as:

The noticeable phone number question, which leads to users asking who actually uses their phone number at this point in the 21st century. A cell phone number or an email seems to be unheard of by Taco Bell, which is probably the reason of this other obsolete detail in this entire Feedback Program.

The form also asked for the user’s name (first and last) but did not take down any users’ name for the feedback survey, making it completely and entirely anonymous, which is what they probably want the users to think, but we live in the digital age, and it really is not that hard to connect the dots anymore. The user paid with his or her personal credit card and had to put their receipt number in, towhich explains a lot about whether or not the survey was anonymous. It is not that easy to fool users in this day and age, something Taco Bell should definitely take note of for future purposes.

Respondents can clearly see that that survey says that their information will not be used for any other purpose, but can they really trust Taco Bell or the company that made the survey for them, as shown by the logo glaring at the bottom right of the survey that Taco Bell chose to outsource the creation of this feedback survey. Yes, Taco Bell seriously did pay someone to create this interesting, to say the least, survey.

By clicking on the “Privacy Policy” link that is provided on the form, users are able to learn more about where their personal information is being used, which they probably should not if they do not want to be even more confused with Taco Bell’s services as they seem to change their ‘no other purpose’ statement for “research purposes”, “fulfillment of incentives” and “other everyday businesses purposes” as uses for the respondents’ personal information. Users wonder whether all of this hassle was really worth winning just $500. Taco Bell should probably raise the winning amount to at least $5000 for this to actually be no less than worthwhile next time.

Use of Your Personal Information
In general, we use all of the information we collect for:

  • Research purposes
  • Fulfillment of incentives, and
  • Other everyday business purposes, such as customer services, survey integrity management and Website management.

All in all, this feedback survey may not seem that much of a deal to a few users, but to some, it might have really let down. Also, why this survey is in black and white is a serious question that needs to be answered. A little investment in color will probably do wonders for Taco Bell, probably.

Nevertheless, feedback surveys always help a firm understand where they are going wrong with their customers. The responses from feedback surveys facilitate in improving product and service quality and delivery for firms. They also highlight the areas to where a firm should be diverting their attention and resources. In Taco Bell’s case, this feedback survey is one of those areas, so do let them know! Do not be afraid, log on to https://TellTheBell.com/ and take the survey!

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