Participate in Kohl’s Survey to get your hands on discount coupon

Participate in Kohl’s survey on and you might win a redeemable discount coupon. Kohl’s is one of the oldest and most family-oriented department store in the U.S. that has been operating since 1960’s and has more than 1000 stores across the U.S. The company being a family-oriented business has always valued suggestions and recommendations. Now the company is offering its most valued and loyal customers the opportunity to increase their chances of earning a redeemable discount coupon every time they complete a Kohl’s store customer satisfaction survey; Moreover, the survey will also greatly assist the company in understanding the needs of its diverse customers base. Since by voicing your concern and suggestions through a Kohl’s survey, any customers wouldn’t be only acquiring the reward but customers will be making a valuable contribution to the future direction of the company.

Kohls Department Store

How to participate in Kohl’s Survey on

The company has posted an online survey on their website for any customer to quickly and effectively fill the form online. The website where you can complete a customer satisfaction survey is as follows,

  1. (Kohls Survey offical website)
  2. (Kohl’s Customer Experence Survey offical website)
  3. (Kohls Store offical website)

Kohl's Survey - Customer Experience Feedback Survey

What difference would it make by participating in Kohl’s Survey?

The crucial point is that every company requires feedback to address their drawbacks and consumer also have always valued this notion that they can make any suggestion that would improve their experience. So by granting them the right to voice their concerns and recommendations regardless of through whichever means they do that Kohl’s stores intends to make the most of it for both, them and the consumers, that’s why they are offering a discount coupon on each completion of Kohl’s survey. Additionally, the evidence does suggest that there have been changes over the years as more people voiced their concerns and suggestion through Kohl’s survey – like improvement in staff service and environment.

Requirements for online participation in Kohl’s Customer Satisfaction Survey

Kohls Store
To earn the reward through the online Kohl’s survey at, an individual must have access to the internet, a valid receipt from your previous visit to Kohl’s. Furthermore, individual must be above 18, and will be required to complete the survey in English or Spanish within thirty days of the last visit. Additionally, after filling basic information like store ID, time of visit and date – that is available on the receipt – Individuals must on this stage click ‘submit survey’ and they will enter the competition automatically. Finally, each participant will be required to fill some personal information so that they can be contacted if they are the lucky winners.

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