Participate in Belk Survey to earn $500 Gift Card

Participate in Belk Survey on to get your hands on a $500 Gift Card for shopping at a Belk store by voicing your concerns and suggestions about their products and services.

There is no denying the fact that people usually prefer to buy their stuff from the departmental stores. This is because they know departmental stores always provide items that are low in price. If you had to buy something, would you go for the one that is highly priced with the super amazing quality or the lower priced one with the same quality? Of course, your answer would be to buy high-quality stuff with the lower price. One of the best departmental stores in the world is Belk. Belk is that one departmental place which is trusted by most of the people living in the United States of America.

Why Belk Customer Satisfaction Survey

The company provides its customers with all kinds of products including the shoes as well as furniture items. Along with that, the company also provides its customers with cosmetics and the accessories that they had been looking for so much time. The best thing about this company that sets it apart from the other ones is the fact that it provides its customers with the products that are of supreme quality and price asked for them is always quite low. Belk has now come up with some great activity known as Belk Survey. This survey requires you to answer some questions, and these questions are related to the level of satisfaction that you get whenever you visit the place.

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The Process of Belk Survey Participation

To enter the Belk Survey, you need to go to the website Once you enter it, you will see a box on the main page. You would have to enter the receipt number of last purchase bill from the company. After that, you need to enter the option continue. Once continued, you would be taken to a new page where you would see some questions related to your shopping experience in the departmental store. After answering these questions, you would be thanked upon by the company, and a $500 Belk gift card would be provided to you which would give you an off once you buy stuff from the company again. However, you can use the receipt number just once to answer the questions in the survey.


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