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You can participate in the Mark and Spencer survey by visiting and then you could be able to win $250 reward on the monthly basis by expressing your views. The Mark and Spencer’s plc is a major British multinational retailer with its headquarter situated in London. It was founded in 1884 by Michael Marks and Thomas Spencer. Their outlets are mostly comprised of home products, luxury food products, and clothing. In 2008, they also started selling branded goods like Kellogg’s Corn Flake. They were the first British retailer to make the pretax profit of over $1 billion. M&K has more than 850 stores throughout the United Kingdom. Their stores are also covering the land of India, Egypt, Russia, and many more countries.

Mark and Spencer

How to participate in the Mark and Spencer Survey?

In order to participate in the Mark and Spencer Survey, you will visit any of their outlets and ask the accountant for the receipt. You don’t have to buy anything in order to get the receipt. You just have to ask. After getting the receipt you are required to visit Mark and Spencer Survey Website Tap the ‘Click here to start the survey’. On the next page, you will find three blocks. With the help of receipt, enter three groups of digits code, the date and the time you visited in their respective blocks. Now you are ready to fill up the survey form. After you are done filling up the form, your name will be registered into the lucky draw which could make you win $250 cash prize on the monthly basis. It doesn’t matter how many receipts you possess, your name or phone number is restricted to a maximum of one survey completion.

Mark and Spencer Survey

Significance of Participating in the Customer Satisfaction Survey

Mark and Spencer ( has been providing its customers with the best possible service for many years now and they would like to maintain it. They do their best on their behalf but the opinion of their customers is what matters the most to them. So the importance of conducting this online guest satisfaction survey is that they will come to know what is important to their respondent, their customer and what motived him to share his opinion with them.  This helps them in making sensible decisions keeping in the view the analyzed results. After then, by just analyzing the result, they can address the topic of concern rather than wasting time on less important things. This value-able feedback also helps them in setting the benchmark from which they can compare the results in the coming days.

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Requirements for the Online Survey at


Without the receipt, you cannot fill up the Mark and Spencer survey form at So, in order to fill it, you will have to visit any their outlet and ask the accountant to provide you with the receipt without even buying anything. You are only eligible to fill up the survey form if you are over 18. If you are a staff member or related to any of the employees then you are not allowed to fill up the survey form.

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