Participate in the Peet’s Tea and Coffee Survey to avail the offer given to you on your receipt!

To be able to feel the joy of a free offer fill in the company’s designed Peet’s Tea and Coffee Survey on with your reviews!

About Peet’s Tea and Coffee

Peet’s Tea and Coffee is that one café which you must at least once eat at for a scrumptious coffee. It is a retail chain of coffee house that was one of the first few places which served black coffee in the United States of America which is freshly brewed.

The restaurant is famous for its delicious coffee for over 100 years and is rightly called the best coffee seller in the country.

Step by Step Procedure for filling the Peet’s Tea and Coffee Survey

Now if you are excited that you can avail an offer from Peet’s, go online to share your feedback at the Peet’s Tea and Coffee Survey by following the instructions given below:

  1. Click this web link to open the Peet’s Tea and Coffee Survey web page
  2. You will be taken to the official page for the Peet’s Tea and Coffee Survey.
  3. State the survey code based on 16 numbers
  4. Go back to your billing receipt from Peet’s Tea and Coffee to find this survey code.
  5. Tell how your purchased your food whether using the drive-thru, stay at Peet’s or through the go to cart
  6. Click NEXT
  7. Place a tick mark in front of all the food items you got from Peet’s.
  8. Now you can move on to the questions which are required to be answered in the Peet’s Tea and Coffee Survey
  9. Use the shown scale to rate their services, food quality and ambience
  10. Tell your core reason for visiting the Peet’s restaurant.
  11. You will then be shown your redemption code.
  12. Write this down somewhere on the billing receipt and use to avail a special treat.
  13. Submit your Peet’s Tea and Coffee Survey.

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