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About PDQ

PDQ is referred in short form for “Pretty Damn Quick” and is an American chain of food restaurants that is famous for its signature juicy chicken dishes all at easily affordable costs that people can order on their way back home from office! They are running a successful business in 55 places in the United States of America.

Step by Step Procedure for filling the Tell PDQ Survey

Make sure you have at least once enjoyed the scrumptious meal of PDQ and have their purchase receipt. Then connect your device to the internet connection you have and you also must be at least 18 years of age living in the United States of America to be fully eligible for the Tell PDQ Survey.

Now see the easy to follow steps given below to complete the online Tell PDQ Survey without any hassles or troubles:

  1. Go click open the Tell PDQ Survey link from this following URL in your installed browser.
  2. This URL will grant you access to the official page for Tell PDQ Survey.
  3. If you want you can read through the privacy policy of the survey by visiting its respective link given at the page’s bottom.
  4. Now give the survey code based on 18 digits which you can see written for you on the transaction bill of PDQ from your previous visit.
  5. If you want to attempt the Tell PDQ Survey in Spanish then press the options that says “Espanol”
  6. Give relevant and honest answers to all questions in the Tell PDQ Survey in terms of PDQ services, customer dealing, food and environment
  7. Make a successful submission of your completed Tell PDQ Survey and you are done!

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