Participate in Adidas Survey to earn one Adidas shoe pair!

If you want to own a pair of shoes from Adidas and can’t afford to do so then complete the Adidas Survey on and share your views or suggestions!

About Adidas

Adidas Group is a chain of retail store that specializes in German manufactured footwear and sportswear clothes. Adidas was established in 1948 and is known for designing and making bags, shoes, watches and sportswear. Reebok and Rockport are two subsidiaries operating under Adidas.

Step by Step Procedure for completing the online Adidas Survey

Read and follow the step by step guidelines given below to gain access to the main page for the Adidas Survey which will then enter you into the lucky draw which can win you one amazing pair of shoes from Adidas:

  1. Click the web address ahead of this step to open for yourself the home page for the Adidas Survey
  2. On the device that is in use, its installed home browser will show you the main page for the Adidas Survey.
  3. In form whether you want to take the Adidas Survey in English or Spanish by selecting the relevant option
  4. Choose the exact date you visited the Adidas store.
  5. Type the time when you went to the store, transaction ID and your exact age in the assigned slots
  6. If you cannot remember the date and time look at your invoice slip from last shopping at Adidas
  7. Now you will have the permission to move forward to answering the Adidas Survey questions.
  8. Provide a rating for their servicing, quality of products and overall store environment
  9. Click “Next” to move forward to the questions ahead
  10. Type your personal information which will then enter you into the promised prize draw.
  11. Review your ratings in case you wish to change a few before submitting the Adidas Survey.

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