Participate in Donatos Survey to get free pizza

Participate in Donatos Survey on to unlock a validation code to get your hands on amazing offers including free pizza by expressing your views about their products and services.

Donatos Survey – To Build a Stronger Customer Relation

Donatos is a specialized restaurant chain for making and delivering pizza. There are multiple factors which when combined together canbring about the success of a business.  And the most significant one of those factors is customer satisfaction. Donatos’ Customer Satisfaction Survey is developed for the purpose of obtaining customer’s feedback and opinion about their services, environment, and staff. This survey will help them know that what type of standards are desired by their customers and will also guide them to plan further improvements according to their customers’ demands. Customer satisfaction is a cornerstone of building a business and Donatos’ aim is to strengthen this aspect of their business with the help of this Customer satisfaction survey. Besides this, they also want to avoid giving any inconvenience to their customers and to their staff, thus want their customers to help them know any concern that they have with Donatos in their feedback so that the next time they visit them, the restaurant’s environment and services are better suited and pleasant. Therefore, visit the website at, donatoscares.comand fill out the survey to be able to get the best of Donatos’ services.

Requirements for Completing the Survey

You must be equipped with the followings, to successfully complete the survey:

  • An electronic device (computer or mobile).
  • A stable internet connection.
  • You need to have a basic command in either English or Spanish to fill out the survey.
  • A recent receipt of your purchase from Donatos.

How to participate in Donatos Survey

Follow the instructions given below to complete the survey:

  • Visit the website,
  • By the above link, you will get access to the Donatos’ Customer Satisfaction Survey page directly.
  • Enter your 16-digit survey code mentioned on your Donatos’ receipt.
  • Click the link ‘Espanol’ if you want to fill out the survey in Spanish.
  • Click the start button to continue with the survey.
  • Complete the survey as per the instruction provided.
  • After successfully completing the survey submit the survey responses.

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