Participate in Esso Survey to Let Them Know Your Feedback

Esso is a Canadian gas filling station and service station located all over Canada. They have a car wash service and fuel cards that allow regular customers to easily refuel without having to wait in line. The service provided by the station is unmatched and to continue to improve it they have made the Esso survey available online so all customers can provide their valuable feedback.

To complete the Esso Survey you need to follow these simple instructions:

Esso Survey

  1. Visit the website to access the online survey form
  2. Select your language preference between English and French
  3. Select the province in which the service station you visited was located using the drop-down menu.
  4. Select the city and then the specific Esso station that you visited.
  5. The survey will ask you to rate your visit on a scale of one to ten. You can also give a reason for your score in the text box given below.
  6. Next the Esso survey will ask you if you have time to complete the answer a few more questions. You have the option to end the survey there by checking the ‘No’ option or proceed by selecting ‘Yes’.
  7. The survey will ask you to rate the station you visited on the employees’ behavior, transaction process, Speedpass app, cleanliness and their products and services. You can even leave a suggestion or complaint in the text box given below.
  8. After you answer the following questions you can continue to the next page where you will be asked to leave your contact information. These fields are not mandatory and you can skip it by selecting the ‘Not at this time’ option. However, if you want to be contacted regarding the feedback you can request the store to call or email you about your experience.

The Esso Survey helps customers have their complaints heard and grievances addressed in a very safe and private manner.

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