Melting Pot Survey Comes to You With A Grand Prize!

The Melting Pot is a restaurant that specializes in cheesy, hot, tasty and enormous fondue pots. Their menu can really help you make your weekends with your friends, family or even dates fun. And because Melting Pot is a restaurant that has its goals that needs to be fulfilled, it wishes to know how it is doing. Which is why you have been given the chance to express how you felt when you recently visited their restaurant in your locality. Do not be shy and pour your heart out with Melting Pot survey. And you will be rewarded at the end with something that will blow your mind. So, you just need to stick with us to find out more!

Melting Pot Survey Incentive

Providing a very honest, spontaneous and thorough feedback has always helped businesses in improving the services it provides to its clients and customers. Which is why Melting Pot is a company that wants to give something back to its customers as a heartfelt thank you. So, when you will be completing and submitting your survey at the end you will have a chance at winning about 12 gift cards to be spent at Melting Pot. The best thing is these gift cards will be worth $100 each. Are you not excited because we know we are! When you win this prize draw be sure to avail it all before its expiry date!

Melting Pot Survey: How to

Melting Pot Survey

Melting Pot survey can easily be accessed by clicking here. Once you do you will open a new window through your browser and you can go on ahead to select a suitable language. Then provide your survey code from your receipt, date and time of visit, server’s name and hit the Next arrow. Begin to rate statements regarding the services, the prices, the staff and more from the provided scale. At the end of the survey, enter your 10-digit telephone number, email address and name to enroll in the prize draw!

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