Participate in HomeSense Survey to win $250 gift card

Home is a blessing for us and it’s our shelter so why not we make it more and more beautiful with less price. Fill the HomeSense Survey and get a 250$ gift card. And you can win 10 chances of the 1000$ prize in a daily draw and instant prizes of worth 1,500$ don’t waste your time and fill that survey on

About HomeSense

HomeSense is a great store it gives you the ever-changing variety of your required products. It is a never compromises on the quality of the product. They provide good quality along with the fewer price. you should visit their store to now that how they give their best quality products to you.

Requirements for HomeSense Survey

If you want to fill HomeSense Survey and want to grab that 250$ gift card so these are some requirements to fill this survey:

  • Must have visited the store
  • Must have receipt of store
  • Link to survey
  • Do fill your contact information

Complete these requirements before you start the HomeSense Survey.

Guideline for the HomeSense survey

Now start your survey open the link given for survey than start the survey following the steps is given below:

  • Enter STORE, TRANS, REGISTER is given on the bottom of your store receipt than click on ENTER
  • Than must enter the time of the day you visited on the next page and tell the purpose of your visit
  • Then on next page, they ask about your experience while you visited the store
  • On next page, they ask that if you are satisfied then why
  • On next page, they ask that if they do something to make your visit interesting
  • Then they ask some general questions about your visit
  • Then they ask what did you purchase furniture
  • On next page in you have an option that you want more question or you want to skip
  • If you want to skip than skip the page and your survey completed

So this is how you get your prize by filling that HomeSense Survey.

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