Participate in Mark’s Survey to get your hands on $1,000

Fill Out the Mark’s Customer Satisfaction Survey and Earn a chance to win $1,000 cash and an iPod

What do you think when you see those big everything-under-one-roof clothing stores in Canada? Have you ever wondered how they come up with such diverse variety in their collection every season? What were the obstacles they overcame to achieve such brilliant success? What is their story, really? Certainly, no business starts from being big; every business has to start from a baseline.

Similar is the clothing and footwear Canadian store Marks which was founded in 1977, and headquarters in Calgary, Alberta, Canada; he company particularly famous for its good quality, ever-lasting clothing line and footwear. Their success didn’t happen overnight and was largely due to the feedback of their customers. Even now, they take any opportunity to hear from their customers and improve themselves. This is exactly what they want again, so share your opinions with them by filling the Mark’s Survey at and help them include your suggestions and feedback in their business.

Procedure for filling out the Mark’s Survey

To fill out the Mark’s Customer Satisfaction Survey, follow the steps given below:

  1. Visit Mark’s Survey page by logging onto marks-survey.comfrom your browser.
  2. At the homepage, select the language you want to fill the survey in from English or French.
  3. Then make a selection for the area and time you visited the Mark’s store in.
  4. Answer all the questions that follow regarding your experience during your last visit of Mark’s by rating their service and products keeping in perspective your experience.
  5. You will then be asked to enter the store number from the receipt
  6. Finally enter your name, email address and postal code to complete the customer satisfaction survey.
  7. Submit the Mark’s Customer Satisfaction Survey.

To be eligible to win $1,000 cash in form of check or money order and iPod you can also take the survey via phone call to win these cash prizes.

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