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Participate in McDonald’s Survey on to share your feedback regarding their food and services to make it better. McDonald’s is one of the most profitable firms in the world. Interbrand ranks it at the ninths position in their annual ranking – it is the only food chain to rank that high. It is presently operating in 119 countries and has 36,525 branches across the globe. At least one individual in our group of friends or family visits or orders a home delivery’s once a month. It doesn’t matter whether its ice cream or a meal but McDonald’s is a crucial part of our food consumption cycle. This notion isn’t an exaggerated one that McDonald’s is one of the major food chains in the world, but it is a fact; one only needs to analyze their last year annual report which states that the company has sales growth increase of 1.5% and the guest traffic in the international market has increased as well. Over the years, the company that has become a crucial part of our food culture should also address our concerns, and it is imperative that we voice our opinions on the quality of food, on the services, on the environment, and other aspects as well. The only way to do it is to participate in McDonald’s surveys – however don’t get involved in scams that offer rewards, there are legitimate ways though which McDonald’s surveys can be completed.


How to participate in McDonald’s Survey on

The question then is how, when and where can we participate in the McDonald’s surveys and sway the change in our direction. McDonald’s as has been asserted above has 36, 525 branches across the globe and one way to participate in the survey is to fill the form on each table that is provided in some branches. However, if there is no available survey card on your table, you can request one from the counter when ordering food or at least inform the management that you intend to fill in a survey. Additionally, McDonald’s has recently started an electronic survey within their several branches across the globe – one of their staff members or someone from the management will on an iPad or any other device request that you voice your concerns and offer suggestions as well. Furthermore, if an individual has placed an order online or through an app, then there are online customer satisfaction surveys available as well that one can fill. The websites where you can complete a survey include,

  1. ( is the official website for McDonald’s Customer Satisfaction Survey and is recommended) - McDonald’s Surve
    McDonald's surveys in Western Australia
    SurveyMonkey - McDonald’s Survey

What difference would it make by participating in McDonald’s Survey?

The crucial point is that any consumer should have a right to voice his/her concerns and suggestion regardless of through whichever means they do that, but one also can raise the question, will it make any difference. Evidence does suggest that there have been crucial changes in McDonald’s menu over the years as more people voiced their concerns and suggestion through McDonald’s customer satisfaction survey, McDonald’s have added in several countries few local items in the menu, they have also introduced a calorie chart and more vegetarian option. Voicing one’s opinion through McDonald’s Survey at is crucial, and you should voice your as well, the next time you visit or order McDonald’s.


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