Participate in Captain D’s Survey to get amazing prizes daily!

Captain D’s Survey

A lot of people hate the idea of having to fill out a survey for a company. This is because people always assume that filling out a survey or a some kind of questionnaire for a company is a taxing thing to do which means this is something which annoys them. However, we really need to change the mindset with which we approach surveys. When you fill a survey you are not just benefiting the company the survey is for but also yourself because this will help the company know what they need to do better and what is something they are doing well and need to maintain.

What the Captain D’s Survey Wants to Know

Like any other eatery that doles out a survey for customers to fill, the Captain D’s Survey also aims at finding out what customers like about their experience at the restaurant. The survey mainly has questions pertaining to their services, their products, their locations, their outlet and more. Everything related to their restaurant is something that they want to know through the Captain D’s Survey.

The Prize for Filling the Captain D’s Survey

When you fill the Captain D’s Survey, you are eligible to enter a sweepstakes which has a grand prize of $1000 daily as well as amazing gifts worth $1,500 weekly!

How to Fill the Captain D’s Survey

The Captain D’s Survey is very easy to fill out and will only require a few minutes of your time. To help you out further we have written a step by step process of filling the survey out below:

  1. The first thing you need to do is visit the following link:
  2. Now you need to have your receipt handy to ensure you can fill out the details needed by the survey before it actually begins
  3. Now you can begin the survey and answer all the questions as you deem fit
  4. Once completed, submit your survey and you are good to go!

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