Participate in Staples UK Survey to win £500 gift voucher

The Staples UK Survey, found at is a 5-minute survey that can be used by customers of the store to give the company feedback on their various products, and win up to £500 Staples Gift Voucher if they enter in the sweepstakes.

About the Staples Survey

Office Supplies are almost unanimously associated with Staples, around the world. This is an American company that is specialised in the distribution of office supplies to almost 3,000 stores worldwide.

The Staples Survey was created to encourage customers of the company to give their feedback on Staples products and their services. It also gives them a chance to enter in Sweepstakes through which they can win £500 Staples Gift Voucher monthly.

Requirements to take part in the Staples Customer Satisfaction Survey

To take part in the Staples Survey, you need the following:

  1. A recent receipt from a visit to Staples store.
  2. Any device that has the ability to connect to the Internet
  3. The ability to communicate in basic English
  4. Reliable and uninterrupted access to the Internet.

Procedure to take part in the Staples UK Survey

  1. On your computer or device, open up the web browser of your choice and enter in the following address:
  2. On the first page of the survey, read through the introduction to gain information on the purposes of the survey and how to win through it.
  3. Click ‘Next’ to start entering in information.
  4. On the next page of the survey, enter in the following information: the Store Number, Register Number, Tran. Number, Date of Visit, and the Time of Visit. This information can be located on your receipt. Click ‘Next’ to continue the survey.
  5. In the survey, you will be asked a series of questions that relate to your experience at Staples along with their quality of service and products. Answer all of the questions and answer them as truthfully as possible.
  6. If you want to enter in the Sweepstakes to win £500 Staples Gift Voucher monthly, at the end of the survey enter in your contact information. This will be used to reach out to you if you win the draw.

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