How to participate in Baskin Robbins survey to get redeemable code

Participate in Baskin Robbins Survey on to get your hands on a coupon code and redeem it on your next visit by sharing your views about Baskin-Robbins.

Guest Satisfaction Survey is basically a statistical analysis to collect information about specific topic. It is a type of interview in which one person ask question to other about selected topic, multiple choice question paper is given to fill. It is just a method to collect information from surveyor so that we may analysis information or to know about society perspectives, or to judge someone’s performance, similarly Baskin-Robbins a famous ice-cream chain collect information from their customers to parameterize their quality of serving and taste. This ice-cream chain is famous for having 31 flavours, their motive is that their customer must have different flavour each day of month.According to a survey they has acquainted more than 1300 flavours which has attracted 300 million guests each year to nearly 7600 locations worldwide. Few years before it is also introduced in Pakistan. They are serving in 50 countries. Their products include cups, cones of ice-cream, cakes, warm desserts beverages, etc.

Baskin-Robbins History

Baskin-Robbins is basically a dream come true of two brothers-in-law named as Burton “Burt” Baskin and Irvin “Irv ” Robbins, who wished to have an ice-cream of old taste, so they created an ice-cream parlour for people of USA with a friendly atmosphere to enjoy. Irv worked in his father’s ice-cream parlour but was Lieutenant in Navy during World War II; he served his ice-cream to his troop’s fellows later on two entrepreneurs zealous to capitalize this, and they started pet projects. In 1945 Irv opened Snowbird ice-cream in Glendale, California. A year later Burt opened Burton’s ice-cream shop in Pasadena, in 1949 there were more than 40 stores in south California they purchased their own dairy farm. In 1953 that ice-cream chain dropped individualities and combined into Baskin-Robbins.

Baskin Robbins Guest Satisfaction Survey

Baskin-Robbins develops a feedback program for their customers because they value their time-sharing and experience to visit their shop. This is an online activity to collect information about their customer’s and their point of opinion. After visiting Baskin-Robbins you will have your receipt which mentions survey code of 18 digits which you will enter in quest satisfaction survey to start your inquiry. Upon completion of survey you will be give validation code which will help you to get $1 off of your next purchase of $4 or more when you will show your validation code during purchase. You must know that validation code expires within six month from your visit date to ice-cream parlour.

How to participate in Baskin Robbins Survey Requirements

There are few requirements for guest satisfaction survey:

  • To have the receipt which mentions your survey code.
  • To have internet and device.
  • To know about official website of survey

How to participate in Baskin Robbins survey?

  • Go to Baskin-Robbins Survey website
  • When you open the customer satisfaction survey link, please enter your 18 digit survey code in the blank space.
  • A questionnaire will be given you having to read the question and fill appropriate answer according to your opinion.
  • After completing your quest, please note down your validation code which you have to show to salesperson so that you may get a discount if you fulfil above conditions.
  • One receipt is limited to one customer per visit.
  • For any query read FAQ from the internet of Baskin-Robbins or click below on coupon restriction link at the bottom of your validation code page.

Baskin Robbins survey

Baskin Robbins Survey Benefits

  • It helps the company owner to know about their performance in the market.
  • It supports owner to know about their salespersons’ attitude towards their customer and to guide them best for business techniques or serving.
  • It helps know about weaknesses and various methods to overcome them
  • It helps to know about locations of their customer and to analyse where more people are found of their taste.
  • By doing statistical analysis, they can get an idea of their ranking in the market which helps them to improve or boast.

Baskin Robbins Survey Disadvantages

This small activity does not seem to have any disadvantage, but there can be few disadvantages if we ponder upon the process.

  • Customer may take it just time wastage.
  • The non-serious attitude of the customer may lead to inappropriate statistical analysis.
  • If the questionnaire is too lengthy or unable to convey to customer your purpose of question it may lead to time-consuming activity or more customers will not take part in this activity
  • Lack of guidance about to answer a question or improper way may affect customer interest and also affect business.


Baskin-Robbins is a famous ice-cream chain which conducts customer satisfaction survey to know about their performance. Survey is conducted if you visit below link and first fill your survey code given on your receipt when you visit ice-cream parlour then you have to fill multiple-choice question answer and at the end note down validation code which you have to show during your next visit and your can get $1 off from your $4 shopping or more. For your ease below a link for survey is given if you need more information please visit FAQ or post a question in FAQ of Baskin-Robbins.

Baskin-Robbins Guest Satisfaction Survey:

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