Participate in Pizza Hut Survey to win iPhone or $1000 cash

Participate in Pizza Hut Survey on to get a chance to win an iPhone or $1000 cash through lucky draw by expressing your views in the Pizza Hut customer satisfaction survey.

Pizza Hut is a well-known casual style dining restaurant that is famous for making some of the world’s best pizza’s with their secret recipe. It is spread worldwide due to the love it gets from its customers. It has more than 15,000 branches in 93 of the countries. The secret of their success is that they constantly keep on listening to what their customers have to say to them. They are collecting feedback from their customers by the scheme of tell pizza hut and this Pizza Hut Survey is the main reason of their success and the love they get from their customers.

Pizza Hut Customer Satisfaction Survey

Pizza Hut conducted a customer satisfaction survey so that they might know how much their customers are pleased with their services. The customer satisfaction survey has questions regarding the experience of the customers at their restaurant. This will help the company to improve their services for their customers. Apart from this if a person has filled Pizza Hut survey, he/she is added to the lucky draw for an iPhone and 10 chances to win $1000 through the lucky draw as well.

To Access Pizza Hut survey

  • You need to have an internet connection along with a PC so you may be able to access the Pizza Hut survey.
  • You need to know the website of the pizza hut survey so that you may be able to attempt their survey questionnaire.
  • You need to have a receipt of the Pizza Hut.

To Attempt the Pizza Hut survey questionnaire


  • You need to visit the web link . This will directly lead you to the pizza hut survey website.
  • First of all you need to select your respective language in which you want to fill the survey questionnaire.
  • In the first provided space given to you after you have selected your language, you need to enter the survey code that present at the bottom of your Pizza Hut receipt.
  • If by any chance the survey code is not present on the receipt, you need to enter the store number from the receipt in the provided space.
  • After filling this option, click on the enter button. You will next be provided with the survey questionnaire.
  • Fill the Pizza Hut Survey questionnaire according to your experience at the restaurant.

TellPizzaHut Benefits

Surveys are very important to be conducted for a company to run successfully in future. It is very important to know what your customer thinks about your services. Once you get to know the views of your customers it gets easy for you to improve your services to make their next visit better than the previous one. A good company will always want their customer to have a happy experience at their place and visit again as well.

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