Participate in Sbarro Survey for free food at this pizzeria!

Who does not love pizza? Pizza is the best comfort food you can find out there especially when it comes from Sbarro, your local pizza dealer! You must have visited your local Sbarro branch recently. And so, Sbarro wishes to know how you felt upon your recent visit. Which is why Sbarro now has its own Sbarro survey designed to gather all the feedback from its customers. All you need is a receipt of your most recent visit to enter this survey and you can help improve this restaurant. And the end of the survey, you will get something good as well. So, stick with us to find out everything about it!

Sbarro Survey Incentive

Because you are going to be taking time out of your busy schedule and you will be making an effort when you will fill out this survey, Sbarro thinks it is only fair if it rewards you for all the help you are providing it. And so, when you will be submitting your survey, you will have the chance to get a validation code in the end. This validation code will enable you to get a free menu item upon your next visit. Just imagine all the cheesy goodness you can get without paying anything! But you must make sure you avail this offer soon because it does come with an expiration date.

Sbarro Survey: How to

All you need to do in order to take the Sbarro survey is to open the link to the survey page. After that you will be entering basic data that holds the key to you accessing the survey. And so, you will be providing the store number, the day of your visit, the time of your visit, your 5-digit transaction code, the amount of your payment, the tax applied on your order and so on from your recent receipt.

Then you will enter the survey questions page and you can begin rating the statements on a scale from excellent to poor. The questions will be about your general satisfaction with your visit. Write down the code on your receipt to keep it with you!

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