Participate in Tillys Survey to win amazing prizes

Share your feedback at the Tillys Survey using the link to enter one exciting lucky draw for winning amazing gifts!

About Tillys

Tillys was previously known as World of Jeans and Tops and runs as an online website based service in form of a special retail store that sells action sports related goods, clothing apparel, equipment and special shoes for men, women and kids.

Step by Step Guide to complete the online Tillys Survey

Keep reading and following the step by step instructions given below to successfully finish the whole of Tillys Survey and then enter the lucky draw to enjoy winning amazing gifts and prizes:

  1. Visit the main page for the official Tillys Survey by opening the following URL
  2. You will be led to the official Tillys Survey page by using the web browser on the device that is in use
  3. Keep your most recent receipt from Tillys in front of you and then type in the following details in their assigned spaces:
  • purchase,
  • the store number,
  • the register number,
  • the transaction number
  1. Double check these numbers to ensure you have entered them correctly
  2. Select the age category that you currently fall in
  3. Enter the characters shown in the box to resolve the captcha
  4. Now choose the options that best describes the asked questions according to the visit you had at Tillys when you last time went there
  5. Share any additional comments, feedback and thoughts
  6. Answer if you wish to be contacted by Tillys in case they want to ask you about your shared feedback
  7. If you have chosen yes then leave your contact details
  8. Then to enter the prize drawing complete the form asking for your personal details.
  9. In the end submit your completed Tillys

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