Participate in KFC Survey to get free chips, drink

KFC (Kentucky Fried Chicken) started conducting a survey in the United Kingdom through its website i.e. Through this KFC survey, the company is trying to collect customers’ feedback about their experiences at the fast food restaurant.

KFC Survey in the UK

KFC Survey in the UK

KFC has decided to conduct this survey so that the fast food restaurant can not only know the basic buying pattern of their customers in the UK meanwhile it will also help them to know about their offering which is playing a vital role in their sales and services. The basic motto of this research is to move a step forward to its customers and to let them provide an opportunity where its customers can come on to a single platform by clicking on the link When any customer opens that KFC Survey website, they’ll get a long paragraph in front of them in which KFC declares some points about the separate dealing of each customer’s detail. When customer click on Continue button available on screen, they will be redirected to a form with the heading “Guest Experience Survey” here customer is required to put some information on their bill (i.e. store number, date, time, and customer order number, as each detail, is already mentioned on customer receipt). In this set of detail the store number allows KFC to easily identify the feedback about each store so that they can classify the performance of a particular store, date helps them to identify how long customer visited the store and what was the time when the customer visited store and at last order number gives it information regarding the exact order of customer. When a customer put details in these boxes and click on Start, they will get few pages asking about thirteen questions regarding the type of order that customer placed with KFC, the overall experience with the fast food restaurant, about the service of desired order, behaviour of staff, atmosphere at store and about any problem that a customer might have ever faced at store. It also has printed the name of the website on the backside of the ticket.

KFC Survey

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The Kentucky Fried Chicken Management has named this KFC survey as Customer Satisfaction Survey as its basic purpose is to know either its customers are getting the value of their price at KFC or not, either they found proper atmosphere at store, if the store crew is providing them good quality services so that they feel good visiting KFC, either they are getting their desired taste and either they are getting the same order that they have placed, it also help them to know about some major issues regarding their food quality and it provide an opportunity to customers to go on to the site and provide their free feedback about the food i.e. either they like the taste of chicken or not, if they have any issue with burgers and fries and if they have ever had any bad experience with KFC or they can also give some important suggestions to improve the taste and service level. KFC also offer a Validation Code at the end of the survey so that customers can note it down and when they visit KFC store they can avail chips and drink by spending only $5.

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